From Patent Analysis to Patent Intelligence

Filament represents the next generation in Patent Analysis, delivering an insightful interpretation of the IP Landscape that helps organisations achieve commercial and strategic gains. We use ground-breaking Patent Search, Patent Mapping, and IP Alert systems to keep you abreast of relevant Intellectual Property developments. But the real Filament difference is the intellect we layer on top of the IP Analytics. We're able to distil this mountain of data, interpret your competitive situation, and present clear options for management. Discover how Filament goes beyond Patent Analysis to deliver IP Intelligence.

How smart corporations use IP intelligence

Increasingly corporations are seeking to commercialise their Intellectual Property (IP). However the more forward-thinking enterprises are able to take it a step further. They're seeking out a superior understanding of the IP landscape to influence the key management decisions:

  • Which technologies should we invest in?
  • Which technologies should we get out of?
  • Which companies should we acquire or license from to bolster our IP?
  • Who could we license our technology to?
  • Can we align our IP with our business strategy?
  • Should we alter our business strategy because of our IP?

To make these landmark business decisions, you need more than Patent Search. And you need more than just IP Analytics. You need incisive analysis and astute interpretation from a Patent Attorney. You need IP intelligence.

How is IP Intelligence different from Patent Analysis or IP Analytics?

In the field of Intellectual Property Management, Patent Analysis or IP Analytics typically covers two necessary but insufficient elements:

Two steps of Patent Analysis or IP Analytics

  • What are we doing in IP?
  • What are our competitors doing in IP?

IP intelligence, as we define it here at Filament, takes the first two elements of Patent Analysis and adds a vital third dimension:

Three Steps to IP Intelligence

  • What are we doing in IP?
  • What are our competitors doing in IP?
  • What should we be doing in IP?

Filament is one of the few firms capable of helping you answer this challenging final question.

Who is the global leader in IP Intelligence?

Any number of firms can carry out an IP Audit to tell you what you have. Or perform Patent Mapping to tell you what your competitors are doing. But few IP Analytics firms have the understanding of technology, intellectual property and corporate strategy necessary to provide sound business advice in a complex IP situation. Filament does and can. We are global leaders in IP Intelligence.

Providing IP Intelligence to major corporations

Filament delivers IP Intelligence to organisations large and small around the globe - from small patent attorney offices to huge multinational corporations like BHP Billiton - the world's largest mining company. Leading Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on Filament in specific M&A situations and in an ongoing capacity to help shape business strategy because we deliver swift, timely, actionable IP Intelligence.

Our IP Intelligence products & services

Filament offers a range of services and products to help your company better manage, defend and leverage your Intellectual Property:

How you can gain IP Intelligence

Modern corporations are overwhelmed with insufficiently filtered or interpreted Patent Analysis or IP Analysis. You need a firm that can help elevate you above this rising tide of patent filings and indiscriminate IP Analytics to deliver a succinct, sound assessment of your IP options. Contact Filament today and get an edge on your competitors by acquiring that rare commodity: IP intelligence.

get an edge with IP Intelligence