A new kind of IP Analytics firm

Filament delivers superior IP Intelligence to help some of the world's major corporations make smarter, more strategic business decisions in the treacherous Intellectual Property landscape.

Where typical IP Analytics firms fall short

Gregory McKenzie, a qualified engineer and practising patent attorney, was dissatisfied with existing approaches to Patent Search and IP Analytics. Systems weren't exploiting the increased power of modern technology and Patent Search firms were failing to deliver the high level IP Intelligence demanded by the modern corporation. So he founded Filament

Law + Technology + Experience = IP Intelligence

Filament is able to offer superior IP Analytics because we blend three skills sets that are critical to the management of Intellectual Property in the contemporary global market. We have the legal background to understand the concepts, the technical skills to create more powerful IP systems, and the corporate experience to know that you don't need an ambiguous 40 page tome next month - you need a definitive position expressed in 6 branded Powerpoint slides by Monday.

Patent Analysis projects or ongoing IP Intelligence

Filament works with corporations and patent attorneys in a variety of capacities. We can carry out discrete strategic IP projects, deliver ongoing patent search and analysis, or help create a framework within your organisation that gives you an ongoing edge in IP intelligence. Talk to us today about how we can deliver IP Intelligence to your company.

make smarter, more strategic business decisions