Patent Analysis & IP Analytics

To our state-of-the-art Patent Analysis and IP Analysis tools, Filament adds extensive first-hand knowledge of Intellectual Property (IP) law, technology and corporate strategy to provide world-leading IP Analytics. We work with leading corporations to identify IP assets, survey the competitive IP landscape, and interpret the strategic consequences. Our IP Analysis services include:

IP Audit

The first step to IP Intelligence is an IP Audit to catalogue your Intellectual Property assets, and chronicle your patent filing activities. A comprehensive IP Audit can help defend your IP assets and protect your markets. It can also identify areas where your IP Portfolio needs to bolstered, either through Mergers & Acquisitions or investment in R&D.

Patent Mapping or Patent Landscaping

No Business Intelligence report is complete today without a comprehensive review of the IP Assets and recent patent filing activities of your competitors. Filament can carry out Patent Mapping or IP Mapping of the major players in your field to determine your threats and opportunities in the IP Landscape. We can help you identify the emerging technology strategies of your competitors and give you chance to make an appropriate strategic response.

Patent Watch or Patent Alert

Patent Watch software and Patent Alert services abound but again Filament has gone to the next level. Our Illume Patent Alert Software is not only exhaustive in its search and easy to use, it allows your team to collaborate on a response and demands ultimate accountability. With Illume, you'll know when a relevant patent has been filed and be sure you react in timely fashion.

IP Intelligence

While Patent Search and Patent Mapping services are readily available, it is Filament's intelligence and experience in using these tools that sets us apart from other IP Analytics firms. Rather than delivering an undigested tome of patent charts and graphs, Filament can produce an insightful Executive Summary that sets out your risks, opportunities and key strategic options. Filament takes you beyond Patent Analysis or IP Analysis to deliver IP Intelligence.

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