Patent Mapping & Patent Landscaping - IP Landscape Report

IP Mapping the identifies the patent and trademark activities of your competitors to help inform key management decisions regarding business strategy, product development, R&D investment and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Patent Mapping - Step 2 to IP Intelligence

Having identified your Intellectual Property assets through an IP Audit, the next step towards IP Intelligence in relation to your patent portfolio is gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Patent Landscape. IP Mapping delivers the following key elements of competitive intelligence in your business or technology areas:

  • Which companies own patents, trademarks & designs in your area?
  • Who owns the most patents, trademarks & designs?
  • Where have they been active recently?
  • What strategy can we infer from this activity?
  • What new players are emerging?
  • Where do you have IP leverage?
  • Where do you have IP exposures?

Making discoveries in the Patent Landscape

Filament's Patent Mapping delivers an easy-to-understand graphic summation of the IP Landscape and lets you discover a host of information, including:

  • What is the history of technological evolution in your area
  • Which patents represent fundamental discoveries?
  • Which patents are merely incremental improvements?
  • Who are the key inventor teams?
  • Which inventions are now in the public domain?

Patent Mapping - charting the way forward

While Patent Mapping is historical in its perspective, its primary value is in allowing a corporation to chart a successful path forward. Once you know where your competitors are and which way they are heading, you have the vital information you need to shape your strategic and tactical responses. Filament's Patent Mapping can help you answer critical management decisions including:

  • Which markets can we enter?
  • Which markets should we avoid?
  • Where should we invest our scarce R&D resources?
  • Which companies could help protect and complement our IP?
  • Which companies wouldn't enhance our IP portfolio?

Why Patent Mapping is a sound investment

Patent Mapping is essential for modern corporations because its relatively modest investment can both minimise potential risks and identify significant opportunity. It can help you make more informed decisions that allow you to:

  • Avoid or limit potential litigation
  • Prevent competitors encroaching on your markets
  • Identify IP assets that can be more fully exploited
  • Prevent wasting R&D resources in overly competitive areas
  • Acquire companies that strengthen your strategic IP position

Navigating the competitive IP Landscape

IP Mapping tools are readily available but it's the Patent Analysts who make the difference. Filament's experience in Intellectual Property law and with technology-related corporations allows us to not just map the Patent Landscape but provide an insightful interpretation of it. Talk to Filament today about charting your Patent Landscape.

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