Patent Attorney

A Patent Attorney can help you with various types of intellectual property (IP) protection including obtaining patents, industrial designs and registered trademarks in Australia and overseas.

Role of the Patent Attorney

An attorney provides assistance with different intellectual property aspects such as:

  • identifying intellectual property that can be protected;
  • advising on an effective intellectual property protection strategy;
  • searching appropriate technological and literature databases for subject matter relevant to patents, trade marks and designs;
  • improving your chances of obtaining enforceable intellectual property rights;
  • providing advice when issues arise such as others infringing your IP rights or you potentially infringing the IP rights of others;
  • maintaining your IP portfolio so that your hard earned intellectual property rights do not inadvertently lapse; and
  • assisting in the licensing of your technology.

Legal and Technical Expertise

An attorney is not only a legal professional in the area of intellectual property law – but they also have specific scientific and technical areas of expertise. Having both of these aspects enables the attorney to understand your technology and then provide you with appropriate legal advice and options for you to consider and make your decisions.

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