Patent Landscape Search

A Patent Landscape Search is an extension of the State-of-the-art patent search that delivers results in a visual landscape or map.

Picturing the IP Terrain

Existing firms and potential new players are constantly seeking to grasp the state of play in a particular technology field. A state of the art patent search can help. But the Patent Landscape Search can be particularly beneficial because it delivers the results in the form of a visual map. A Patent Landscape Search can help:

  • determine targets for mergers or acquisitions
  • identify strategic direction of your competitors
  • discover lucrative opportunities for R&D
  • uncover inventions which can be considered in the public domain
  • decide the most appropriate IP & business strategy.

Discovering Patent White Space

The ultimate goal of a State of the Art Patent Search is really not to discover what is there - but what is not there. Organisations are constantly looking to find gaps in the IP landscape that they could identify with targeting brain storming and claim with appropriate research and development. A Patent Landscape Search can help identify this valuable patent "white space".

Interpreting the Patent Landscape

To be useful, Patent Landscape Maps need to be accurately framed and expertly interpreted. Technology areas may appear overcrowded because a search was too widely specified. White space may appear only because a search was insufficiently comprehensive. To beat your competitors, you need superior IP Intelligence.

Why Use Filament for Patent Landscape Search?

Filament combines an expert knowledge of Intellectual Property Law, technology and corporate strategy to help you produce and interpret Patent Landscape Searches. We can help you deliver more accurate results, draw appropriate conclusions, and benefit from sharper IP Intelligence.

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