Patent Search

Effective Patent Search is fundamental to successful Intellectual Property Management. Failure to find or correctly interpret prior art information can be embarrassing and costly. Conversely, astute analysis and interpretation of the patent landscape can deliver game-breaking strategic advantage.

Searching can help:

  • establish the orginality of an idea
  • determine the limits of patentability
  • invalidate a patent infringement claim
  • confirm patent enforceability
  • identify potential licensees
  • prevent pursuit of unpatentable ideas
  • direct research to more profitable areas
  • prevent invalid patent applications proceeding to grant
  • guide corporate strategy.

Patent Search Types

Filament offers a full range of services including:

A Patentability or Novelty Search is done before you file a patent application to determine whether your invention is novel. Learn more about Patentability.

A Validity or Invalidity Search is an exhaustive Patentability Search to discover grounds for invalidating a patent or confirm the enforceability of a patent. Learn more about Patent Validity Search.

An Infringement Search seeks to confirm that your new product won't infringe upon any in-force patents. Learn more about Infringement Search.

A Clearance or Freedom-to-Operate Search establishes whether - and where - you can legally bring your invention to market. Learn more about Clearance Search.

A State-of-the-Art search is the broadest of all patent searches and is used to gain an overall perspective of a particular patent field. Learn more about State-of-the-Art.

A Patent Landscape is an extension of the State-of-the-Art patent search that delivers results in a visual landscape or map. Learn more about Patent Landscape.

Why Use Filament for your Patent Search?

If Patent Searches are poorly framed or not sufficiently exhaustive the consequences can be disastrous. Conversely, the insightful interpretation of patent data can help you outwit your competitors to produce strategic and commercial gain. Engaging Filament to perform your searching is a wise investment because:

  • Our searches are more comprehensive
  • Our systems are more sophisticated
  • Our interpretation is informed by a rare combination of legal knowledge, engineering experience and corporate expertise

attain a strategic advantage