Trademark Intelligence - Trademark Analysis you can act on

Increasingly modern corporations need expert Trademark Analysis so they can make smarter decisions about business strategy, R&D investment, litigation and Mergers & Acquisitions. Through our state of the art tools and extensive Intellectual Property experience, Filament supplies the timely Trademark Intelligence you need to thrive and prosper in a competitive, litigious commercial world.

What sets Filament apart

Many Trademark Analytics firms lose sight of the fact that Trademark Analysis is not a destination. Ultimately, corporations need this Trademark Analysis so they can make better management decisions. Filament goes further than typical Patent Analysis firms to deliver the Trademark Intelligence you need to make more informed strategic choices. Here are the three qualities that set Filament apart:

Insightful Trademark Intelligence

Trademark Analytics tools are useless - dangerous even - in the hands of the inexperienced or casual analyst. It's only through years of hands-on practice in Trademark Analytics that you are able to move beyond raw Patent Analysis to supply the interpretation that management is desperately seeking. Filament draws on extensive corporate, legal and technical experience to deliver genuine Trademark Intelligence - a considered, informed response to your specific Trademark Landscape.

Timely Trademark Intelligence

Time, tide and corporate takeovers wait for no man. When M&A opportunities present themselves, firms need to swiftly assess the pros and cons of the situation and act decisively. In the past, due diligence required an assessment of financial, synergistic and cultural consequences. However, increasingly the major consideration concerns the Trademark Landscape. Is the acquisition of this company of strategic benefit in Intellectual Property terms? Many Trademark Analytics firms could answer the question if given a month. Filament is one of the few firms who can have an answer on your desk for that Monday morning board meeting.

Actionable Trademark Intelligence

It's not uncommon at the end of assignment for an Trademark Analysis firm to deliver literally box-loads full of "Analysis". This is of next to no benefit to the client. You need an Trademark Analytics firm that can take the analysis to the next step. You need an Executive Overview of the salient features in the Trademark landscape and a short-list of actionable options - preferably in presentation format. You need Trademark Intelligence. And, by working with clients like BHP Billiton, Filament has proven we can be relied upon to supply it.

How you can gain Trademark Intelligence

Contact Filament today and get an edge on your competitors by acquiring that rare commodity: Trademark intelligence.

thrive and prosper in a competitive, litigious commercial world